The first 10 minutes (and that high-pitched accent) are a bit iffy, but it does deliver after that.

It’s not really anything new — he cites Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Robert Kennedy’s ‘What GNP doesn’t count‘ speech. He even throws in a fantastic Albert Einstein quote, which I’ve paraphrasedly heard before, but never attributed to Einstein:

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

The point is, I think, is that GDP — and money – doesn’t really represent how well we’re doing as a society. I think the speaker is spot on with the fact that GDP is a machination of the Industrial Revolution, when almost everything produced and consumed was tangible. Today, with 65% of the world’s money coming from services — things that aren’t inherently tangible with difficult-to-measure value — it would be sensible to measure more than just our GDP and GNP.

There must be a reason there’s such emphasis on making and measuring money though. Capitalism? If so, it’s going to make it very hard to change. No doubt this talk only exists because of the current economic recession — and in it, he talks about the previous recession of the dot-com boom-bust!

I guess, while we’re all making money and everything’s tickety-boo, no one really has time to question whether we’re actually enjoying ourselves…

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