I had my aunt’s funeral on Friday. She died at the age of 40 and made only two stipulations for her funeral: everyone must wear something orange, and anyone wearing pink would not be admitted. I wore an orange feather boa and painted my thumbs orange. I don’t think there are any photos of the boa — and yeah, I got some polish on the cuticle of my left thumb. You should’ve seen my right thumb though! Perfect!

It was only my second ever funeral, yet somehow I only have one grandmother, one half-grandmother and… that’s it. And my parents of course, and a sister, but that’s it, in terms of immediate family. The funeral was nice, if such things can be. It wasn’t a ceremony as such — she didn’t want anything religious — more of a celebration. People spoke about how she had touched them, and the world around her. They spoke about the legacy she will leave — which was nice, because as a nephew, I never really thought of her as famous, popular or world-changing. I just thought of her as an aunt.

I’ve seen more of my extended family in the last two years than the 24 that preceded, because of the funerals, and some weddings. It’s nice, being able to show people what I’ve become. Most of my extended family haven’t seen me since I was born — such is the way of these things, I guess — so it’s a fairly, er, big shock to see me after 26 years. We have more weddings next year, too, and hopefully no more funerals!

I should get married some time, eh. I’ve been looking at girls. Heck, I’ve even gone to the next stage and tried to choose one, but the ones I’ve propositioned seem to remain resolutely off the market — or simply not interested in me. So it goes. To-and-fro is part of the process, I guess. Perhaps I should consider one of those online match-making websites. There’s one specifically for Jews… I just need to grow out my sideburns…

Work-wise, I got the other writing job! I now write guides for the old, the infirm and the technologically incompetent. Just kidding — well, kind of. I write informative stuff aimed at those that want to use modern technology but don’t really know where to start. It’s basically a technology site that isn’t for the bleeding edge. It talks about iPads and Kindles but doesn’t get bogged down in the minutiae. Most people don’t care about how many gigabytes or gigahertz something has — they just want help choosing something, and what it will enable them to do.

It’s a great idea for a site, and I think it will be huge — it’s called Tecca. Keep an eye on it.

Photography-wise… not a lot is going on. I’ve been very busy catching up with non-photographical work since I came back from San Francisco and Wales. A videographer friend has asked me to support a ‘trash the dress’ shoot. I took some sunset photos last week — here’s my favourite:

Back in September, I photographed a local production of The Full Monty. It was only the dress rehearsal, so the photos weren’t as great as they should’ve been (the lighting wasn’t finished, nor were the costumes) — but it was a lot of fun nonetheless! I failed to capture the ‘money shot’ at the end of the show — but I did get a few good photos: they’re over on Flickr.

Play-wise, I’m gaming quite a lot — Civilization 5 last month, and lots of Wii recently. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is excellent — not quite Super Mario Galaxy, but nothing ever will be. I’m playing Okami at the moment, which is a crazy, crazy game about… the Japanese sun god (Amaterasu)… personified as a white wolf… that goes around saving the world from some curse… by drawing with a celestial pen. You meet up with various celestial bodies along the way, and they teach you new ‘ink’ techniques. There’s also a very, very hot tree nymph called Sakuya (link probably not work-safe) — apparently the developers cut her ‘final form’, which was basically naked… alas.

You might also be interested to hear that GoldenEye for the Wii was released on Friday, and Donkey Kong Country Returns is out next month! If you played GoldenEye on the N64, or Donkey Kong on the SNES, you should be pretty excited about this. Both of the remakes (or re-envisionings?) are faithful to the originals — but modernised. Like New Super Mario Bros! The next Zelda game — Skyward Sword — is due out sometime in 2011 too.

Most importantly — and yes, I know most of you have probably turned off by now, sorry — Portal 2 is out in February.

OK, I think I’ve got all of the boring, functional, mechanical stuff out of the way. The next post will be much more intellectual… and deep. And before the end of November hopefully. I haven’t had much time to stop and think about things. I’m not devoid of interesting things to write about, but… it’s very hard to write recreationally when you write all day for money.

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