Beard (#18/365)

I wanted to show you my beard before I hack it all off.

I think I’ve talked about my hate for shaving many times, so I’ll spare you the rant again. Basically, I only really look after my beard if I have to leave the house — and that only really happens every couple of weeks at best.

Anyway, this is just after showering. Sorry about having such a hugely red/bright ear — the sun really was quite bright (and it’s the first time I’ve had morning sun in about…. three months?)

Oh, and you can also see all of my ginger bits! Apparently my grandfather (who I’ve never met) has a ginger beard. Most men have different colours in their beards, though — I guess there’s some funky genetic stuff at play. Having said that, my hair is slightly reddish/chestnutty-brown. Maybe there’s a couple of slightly orangey hairs floating around up there…

(By the way, my numbering has been out for the last 5 days or so. Someone could’ve said something! Now I have to go back and fix all the tags and titles…)

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