The diary of a psychopath, day 2 (#15/365)

Dear Diary,

That bastard cat! He slipped right out of my hands! Just as I leant down to pick up the knife he dug his claws into my hand and I screamed and dropped him! His claws were so sharp.

At least I remembered to shut the shed door this time. He can’t have run far, Diary. I think I’ll take him a bowl of food, lure him out. I just need to remember where I put my gloves…

Diary, that girl I told you about, the young one, the pretty one, the youngest pretty one! She’s coming over later! Well, not coming here, but she’s coming to see her friend, my next door neighbour. She’s coming to see me though. She always looks in my window, before she knocks on her friend’s door. This time I’m going to be ready for her! I’m going to bake her a lovely fresh cake! That will make her taste better.

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