The diary of a psychopath, day 9 (#23/365)

Dear Diary,


I spoke to my neighbour and found out that the brunette I like likes cheesecake. So I baked a cheesecake!

It was the perfect lure. Next time she came by, I stood outside and smiled and waved and said I had a cheesecake. “A cheesecake?” she asked me. Yes, a cheescake, the last cheesecake you will ever have!

Actually, she never got to try the cheesecake, Diary. As soon as I got her into the house and closed the door, she was mine. The thrill of the kill, Diary… I had forgotten how sweet it is.

The cheesecake was really nice. White chocolate, with a really crunchy base. I meant to save you some, but it’s all gone now.

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