Thoughtful concern (#29/365)

Next up we have my “Are you OK?” face. It’s only a baby step away from “No way, that’s gotta hurt”, which would have a bit more whites-of-my-eyes showing, and perhaps with my head tilted slightly back.

It’s about zero degrees outside right now. There were flurries of snow as I took this photo — and by the end (it took a long time to get the focus right), I couldn’t feel my fingers, nose, lips or feet.

Thanks to my massive, in-desperate-need-of-cutting hair, my ears were rather warm. It really does look a bit like a mop at the moment, eh?

I’m off to the police station now! To give a statement! (I’m not in trouble. At least I hope not. Maybe it’s all a ruse to get me into a cell… those wily cops…)

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