White Knight (#11/365)

… and to think, this beautiful photo is purely to show off my new white “daylight” bulbs!

The moon was sheer luck! I didn’t spot it until after taking the photo (and it’s not actually as full as it looks; the full moon isn’t until the 19th!)

Anyway, I got the “daylight” bulbs to see if it would help with eye strain, and because I realized a few weeks ago just how YELLOW incandescant bulbs are. It’s even more pronounced in the winter, when there isn’t enough natural light to dispel the orange — and of course, once the sun sets, it just get worse.

Oh, and apparently they also help with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (not that I get that…)

These new bulbs are awesome, incidentally. 26 watts, but comparable to 150 watt incandescents — and as you can see, they’re very white!

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