Hall of Shame (#45/365)

In the east wing of the house we have what’s commonly referred to as ‘the Hall of Shame’.

There are photos of me, my sister, mum and dad, from birth to adulthood. There are naked photos, fat photos, fat and naked photos, and everything in between.

It’s customary to take a would-be suitor to the Hall of Shame just to make sure they know what they’re getting in to. Most flee in shock. Most demand that I shave off my beard in an attempt to look like the 13-year-old school boy that I once was.

I’ve downsized the image enough that you can’t actually see more than a few photos. You’ll have to visit the lair if you want a closer look.

(If you click through to Flickr I have ‘noted’ some of the photos you can see along the walls.)


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