Maybe if I defile it... (#35/365)

… the owner will let me keep it? (I should note that this isn’t actually one of my real sex faces. At least I really hope it isn’t.)

I’ve been driving quite a lot recently. Not by normal-person standards — only once or twice a week, but still, that’s quite a lot for me! Today I went to the bank — not in the Aston Martin, unfortunately — and stopped off to buy some cans of Coke on the way home. I know: I live such a crazy life.

My dad’s dad (who I’ve sadly never met, and will never meet) collected Aston Martins. Apparently he had all of them, up to and including the most beautiful of them all: the (James Bond) DB5.

I have wanted to own an Aston Martin since I was about 5 or 6. If things keep up, I may be able to get one before I’m 30.

Winter sun (#34/365)
Windy (#36/365)


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