Sap (#47/365)

Did you know that tree sap, if it gets stuck up your nose, really rather hurts?

Yeah, it was news to me, too. But that’s what I get for frolicking in fir trees, I guess.

I’ve actually been wanting to do a Seb-sticking-out-of-bush photo for ages. But this isn’t quite it. I envision a long hedge , with just my nose or lips sticking out — my face in focus, and everything else transformed into delicious bokeh.

I don’t think I can do it with my current camera, though; or not without some Photoshopping, anyway.

Also: I am now up to date! I was away, in London, seeing Legally Blonde. It’s fantastic – the most fun musical I’ve seen since The Producers.

(My nose is still burning from fir sap :()


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