Windy (#36/365)

Awful weather today — really not conducive to anything approaching half-decent photography. This came out OK, though!

Have you ever wondered why it’s windy outside, but you wind someone up? Why there are windows, but you drive down windy roads?

It’s all thanks to the Great Vowel Shift, which was probably the single most important change in the creation of Modern English. I won’t bore you with the details, but basically it’s the reason many Continental Europeans (Romance and Germanic languages) sound a bit weird when they say our words. English is quite rare in its use of the ‘i’ sound in ‘bind’ — if you ask almost any non-Englisher to pronounce ‘bind’ it will almost certainly rhyme with ‘tinned’.

And there’s your bit of languagey education for today. Happy Saturday!

(If you’re interested in languages, check out Guy Deutscher’s The Unfolding Of Language; easy reading, and incredibly interesting.)

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