Busy (#68/365)

Have you ever looked at someone else’s face in the mirror?

It’s a very weird experience. Likewise, if you’ve ever taken a digital photo of your face and flipped it horizontally in Photoshop, your brain will strongly rebel.

One of our brain’s strongest and most reliable features is facial recognition, and by association knowing whether a face looks ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ We usually look at people straight on, so when we see them in a mirror their faces look totally different and unrecognizable. Personally, when I see my mum’s face in a mirror, it completely weirds me out — almost like it isn’t my mother. Brrr.

Anyway! On another topic entirely: I’m very busy at the moment, and finding time to take interesting photos is difficult. I don’t want to resort to taking lackluster ‘snaps’ of my daily routine.

I’m busy because I’m chasing a few writing developments. It’s hard work keeping all of those plates spinning. Nothing certain yet, but if it all works out I might be able to build my dream house by the end of the year! And travel Asia. I’d still reeally like to travel south-east Asia or India… or China…


Surreal car crash
With apologies to St Paul (#67/365)


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