Ladybird... ladybug... lady beetle! (#64/365)

Did you know that the ladybird/ladybug is neither a bird nor a bug?

It is in fact a beetle — and for some reason or another, I seem to have an infestation of them in my bedroom (well, on my window).

I’ve noticed a few of them in my room over the last couple of years (mostly caught in spider webs) but they seem to have multiplied this spring. I counted at least 10 in plain sight when I took this photo, and there’s probably plenty more hiding.

For those that are wondering: the white dots on my finger are Tipex (correcting fluid). I only realized after I took the photo that ladybirds actually have black spots. But whatever…

I’m out until Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll manage to take some photos, though, lest I fall even further behind…


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