Monstrous (#69/365)

It was my grandmother’s birthday today, and me and my sister took her out for the day.

First we ate food, then we talked, and then we painted some ceramics! My sister painted a dish that will become a cat food bowl (she doesn’t have a cat yet, though…), my grandmother painted a bear bank (like a piggy, but beary) for her new great-granddaughter, and I painted this… thing. I never really learnt how to paint at school. Had to choose between the sciences and ‘art.’ I chose the sciences, and later took photography, but I still don’t really know to paint…

It will look a lot better once it’s been fired in a kiln, though — but it won’t be ready until Tuesday.

This is why I don’t smile more often, by the way…

Looks a bit like a photo from 2009, too!


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