Plug In. (#76/365)

I had originally intended to just stand in front of the camera and take a photo of my new t-shirt… but the resulting photo was duller than a nunnery.

I went to get one of my American plug converters, and started playing around with it. I tried to get it into my mouth, but it wouldn’t fit — and then I toyed with the idea of sticking it to my t-shirt and taking a close-up photo — kind of MIXED MEDIA, y’know? — but I didn’t want to get glue on a new t-shirt.

I went to get a second American plug converter, and that’s when inspiration hit! PLUG NIPPLES! I’ve always wanted four prong-like nipples. I’m not sure about the face, but… not much I can do about that now.

Anyway, the t-shirt is a gift from Tecca, a consumer electronics and technology site that I write for. There’s a logo on the back, but short of getting a 3D camera I couldn’t work out a way of showing you both sides at the same time…


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