Tea (#71/365)

On weekends, rather than drinking my customary cafetiere of coffee (500ml of brewed coffee really is too much for one person, unless you’re a fan of The Shakes), I have a cup of tea.

I’ve heard horrible stories about people with caffeine dependence, and feeling completely down and devoid of energy without their coffee fix. This is my way of controlling my caffeine dosage, I guess. Staying on top of the drug. One tea bag has about 50mg of caffeine in, incidentally. 500ml of brewed coffee is about 300mg!

For the first time in a few months, I spent today playing video games. Total War: Shogun 2, if you’ve heard of it. (Rome: Total War was one of the greatest games ever made, and this looks like it could be almost as good.)

Now I’m off to photograph the ‘supermoon.’ Tomorrow, I’m in London!


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