Harried and hairy (#78/365)

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts — and, of course, vice-versa, things in real life have been anything but! [I'm not actually as disgruntled as I look in this photo.]

Without going into too much detail (I don’t think I’m allowed to yet), I’ve been looking for a new job. The search has been fruitful — it seems I’m a hotter ticket than I thought — but my days have been marred with an overwhelming sense of loss. It sucks to lose something that you’ve put so much effort in to.

Anyway, enough cryptic shit. The weather in England is absolutely stunning at the moment. We’ve had three days of 18-20C (68F), so I’ve spent a fair bit of time outside, sitting on the grass, trying to finish Hyperion. It’s my first real sci-fi book (other than Ender’s Game), and unsurprisingly, given my immensely scientific and engineeringish background, I’m enjoying it a lot.

I think that’s about it. I’ll try to keep up with 365, but as you can tell, I’m struggling. For the last few weeks my attention has been fully on securing my writing career. Photography will hopefully resume shortly.

Yesterday (long live the gay druid I say!)

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