Foot (#81/365)

It’s actually been so long since I last uploaded a photo that I’ve forgotten how to use Photoshop! How embarrassing. (Not that I edit my photos much, but…)

I’m still alive, but busy sinking my teeth into my new position at Ziff Davis. The weather is still really lovely, though — it has rained once in the last month, I think — so maybe, if I can get into the swing of things, I can start posting photos semi-regularly again…

I actually posted a non-Flickr entry on my personal blog on Saturday! The first in many, many months. It’s about how to write properly — how to write in such a way that you don’t unnecessarily block a reader from understanding, and thus engaging. It’s primarily targeted at ‘pro’ writers/bloggers, but it will be applicable in other areas, too.


How to write less like an ape and more like a human (part 1)
The Roger (#82/365)


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