The Roger (#81/365)

In New York, I stayed at a hotel called Hotel Roger William… but they like to call themselves ‘The Roger’.

Does American English not contain the phrase ‘to roger’? Anyway, no — I didn’t manager to roger in the Roger — but hopefully next time!

The trip to Ziff Davis HQ was a lot of fun! And a big success! I didn’t sleep very well — damn jet lag — but I slept for 12 hours last night (I got back yesterday), which was lovely. I ate a lot of good food and met some nice people. My bosses are all very cool — who else has a CEO that contentedly rips meat from a pork rib while an underling watches? — and I’m told I left a very good impression.

Now I need to convince them to send me to San Francisco for a few weeks…

Oh, I also saw ‘Memphis’, a musical on Broadway. It’s fantastic — I highly recommend you go and see it. It’s all about the first white DJ (in Memphis) who played black music on radio. It’s all about the genesis of popular black music in the 60s, basically — and it’s accompanied by some great acting, choreography, and score.

As far as this 365 project goes, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve failed. I will still try to take people photos/portraits for the rest of the year, but I doubt I’ll hit that mythical ’365′.


Foot (#81/365)
New York (May 2011)


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