Me (Sebastian) holding a 22nm Intel wafer at MWC

After three years and nine months, with more than 2,100 of my own stories written and published — about 140,000 words in total, I reckon — and hundreds more freelancer stories edited and published, I am leaving ExtremeTech and Ziff Davis. It has been a wild ride, propelling a property that had almost faded into obscurity back into the limelight. As I leave the site, I am deeply proud that there are now several million readers who check in regularly to take a deep dive into the latest advances in emerging technology and science — several million people who, before ExtremeTech, mostly had to make do with a mishmash of mediocre offerings from other science and tech websites.

But anyway, it’s time for me to leave. In February, I will be starting an exciting new job here in London, with an office and colleagues and power lunches and everything. It was quite difficult for me, with Ziff Davis and my colleagues being located in Manhattan, and me working on my own in England — at the best of times, the autonomy of working remotely was liberating and enjoyable, but it sadly wasn’t always like that. I am looking forward to being located in the same country as my colleagues, and working with a team that’s dedicated to the success of the new property that I’ll be launching. If you liked ExtremeTech, you’ll really like my next project.

To any ExtremeTech readers and commenters who have found themselves here on my blog: Thanks for helping me build a lively community — and also for keeping me on my toes. Please keep in touch via email or Twitter — and follow me to my new site! I should be able to share more details about where I’m going in the next week or two.

Me, standing inside IBM Watson at IBM Research in Upstate New York

Me, standing inside IBM Watson at IBM Research in Upstate New York

As the new job begins in February, I now have a whole month off. I will probably use the time to travel — to Egypt perhaps, or maybe further afield to Tanzania (I’ve always fancied going to sub-Saharan Africa, and it’s the perfect time of year to see Ngorongoro and the Serengeti and the animal migrations). You may remember that way back in 2010 I was planning a grand tour to either East Africa or Southeast Asia — and then, as chance would have it, I landed the full-time job running ExtremeTech. It seems somehow fitting that, four years later, I finally get back on the travel bandwagon.

Yes, I’m aware that I haven’t posted on this blog since January 2014. Yes, I still have some amazing stories to tell from the last couple of years — and some beautiful photos to go with them, of course. I would promise to make updating this blog my new year’s resolution for 2015, but I don’t think that’s a promise I could keep. I will definitely try to post a few updates in January, though, and some more details about my new job when I’m allowed to share them.

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