[01/01/2011: Some details on this page are out of date; take it with a pinch of salt.]

A page, all about ME! I’m not great at talking about myself, but if I must…

What’s on this page?

Known Aliases & Whereabouts, or How To Locate The Lesser Spotted Hirsute Behemoth

At one time or another, in the past 10 years that I’ve been online — yes, I was one of those 8 year old kids with a PC and later a 2400bps modem –  you may have bumped into any one of the following aliases: Sebastian, Mr Seb, Mr Sebastian, Sebastian Anthony, Delling, Dagur, Odin, Jieves & One_eyed_god.

Delling and Mr Seb, my two most recent names/personas, both originated from when I played Asheron’s Call, Microsoft/Turbine’s answer to EverQuest which never really took-off.

The other names have been used at one time or another, from old chat systems like ‘Live Universe’ and Yahoo chat, and other online games. One_eyed_god isn’t actually a penis reference, for those of you that were wondering. I think I used that one back on Lycos’s free hosting, many years ago.

If you’ve found a mrseb it’s almost certainly me — at least in any kind of gaming circle, or IRC. Occasionally I get really desperate and have to use a name like ‘mrdelling’, but that’s only for services like Xbox Live where every damn nickname is already taken.

Nowadays you are likely to find me on Dunemaul EU, a World of Warcraft server, or on IRC (on EFnet and Quakenet). You might bump into me on a few forums, but it’s unlikely. Unless you’re into some really weird fetishes…

History, or What Makes Sebastian Tick

(There is an expanded blog entry on ‘what makes me tick‘ — covers most of this section, and adds some more!)

To understand what tickles me, and what makes me go tick, you need to understand what I enjoy doing most: poking around with the mechanics of life. I like finding out why things go ‘bonk’ in the night. I love working out how the magician put his hand through plate glass. Basically, I’m intensely interested of my surroundings. I never leave something as just given: I poke, pull, prod and stretch it around until I can stick my head all the way inside and take a proper look around. I can’t understand how some people stumble through life never really understanding why he’s doing it. One foot in front of another, wax on wax off, A to B. Where’s the fun in that?! Where’s the fun in NOT KNOWING? Christ, I can’t imagine pushing the power button on my computer and not knowing how it’s doing all of the wonderful things, how it’s projecting those pretty pictures onto my screen.

So now you know what makes me tick: knowing what makes other things tick!

A rather useful side-effect of being so damn inquisitive is that I tend to be rather wise. I am the kind of person that people come to for advice. I can also manipulate people to do my bidding — although I try to not do that too often, as it tends to creep people out. But it is useful for the tricky girls.

The above explanation also explains why travelling is one of my favourite hobbies (don’t forget to read my travel stories!) — I want to see and experience new things that my home country simply can’t provide. It also explains my somewhat hedonistic lifestyle: I want something, I take it.  If I want to do something, I do it.

Luckily I’m not a thrillseeker, or I’d probably be off basejumping from some skyscraper in London right now.

For an updated list of subjects close to my heart, and to get some idea of my personal philosophies, check the ‘index of topics‘.

Hobbies & Interests… or, um… zzzzzz

Do I really have to include this section? Read my blog, you should be fairly clued-up on what I enjoy doing after about 5 minutes. But OK, if you’re really too lazy, I enjoy: travelling, eating good food, playing computer games, listening to good music, photography, and canoodling with a cute, undressed girls.

The Future, or Aspirations of a Hairy Monster

What do I want to be when I grow up? A games designer. 100%. I want to design a computer game and have it be immensely successful. A copy of it in every household around the world. I want kids to discuss my game in school and I want pithy news articles written about it.  (Incidentally, if it interests you, I have a games-related blog!)

Failing that (and that’s probably not going to happen for quite a few years), I would be more than happy to have a career as a photographer of live music or musical theatre, or as an in-house photographer for a magazine… like Rolling Stone! Yeah, that’d be just grand. Or a photographer for National Geographic!

I would also enjoy some kind of role as a writer (either books, or scripts, or media), or a TV/radio presenter.

You may notice an over-arching theme here. See if you can spot it.

How To, In The Case of an Emergency, Identify The Bearded Brute of Britain

I had a fun idea to arrange each of the portraits that you find at the bottom of each page into a single block. So here it is (click to see a bigger image!): A whole lot of Seb.

Further Reading

If you are actually more interested in me than my blog, you can search inside the ‘sebastian‘ tag. It will turn up all sorts of blog entries with juicy, personal information about me and even some childhood photos!

About This Blog

I publish at 07:30 (GMT, UTC, UK time) Monday through Thursday, and occasionally on weekends. When I’m travelling, the schedule might alter a bit. In general, you can always expect something at half-seven in the morning. Think of it as a nod towards the commuting types that want something to read in the morning — or the late-night owls on the west coast of America!

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