Print Information

On this page you can find important information about photographic prints that you buy from me, Sebastian.

The Prints

All of my photos are provided as full, photographic prints. That means the negatives (or digital images) are projected onto photographic paper — they are not thermally printed. What you get is a photo, a photo as detailed as one you might take with your own camera and printed at the local developer.

Due to the truly massive range of different mounting and framing techniques available, and the massive additional cost to shipping, I do not provide photos matted and framed. However, if you are happy to pay the extra costs involved, or you don’t have a local company that will frame your prints, please contact me. I am happy to provide matted and framed prints upon request — alternatively, if you’d just like my advice on how to frame one of my prints, that’s fine too!

Common Questions

Gloss or Lustre

Choosing between a glossy, high-contrast finish and the more ‘textured’ finish of Lustre is normally a matter of personal taste. When behind glass, there can be very little difference between them — perhaps Lustre gives a slightly more ‘artsy’. If you can’t decide, I would suggest Lustre.

Matting & Framing

If you want your prints mounted, matted (the space between the photo and the frame) and framed, please contact me and I’ll be happy to extend the services of my professional studio to you.

Will My Photos Last?

The short answer is ‘yes’. My photos are printed on Fujicolour Crystal Archive Professional DP paper. Your photos should last long enough to be handed down to your children as heirlooms. Hopefully.

All Sales Are Final

In the case that your prints are somehow damaged during delivery, please return them and I will be happy to provide replacements. There are no refunds.

Turnaround Time

It usually takes a maximum of 2 days to get photos printed. Delivery to the UK will then usually take 1 day, 2-3 business days to Europe, and to the rest of the world it will probably take 7 days or more.


Unfortunately, being a British resident and using a British photographic studio, there is a 20% sales tax applied to all photographic prints sold by me.