On this site there are some blog entries with audio accompaniments — podcasts as they have become popularly known as, thanks to the good ol’ Apple iPod. You can subscribe to this site’s podcast stream with iTunes.

This page lists all of the audio features available on the site, in some kind of easy-to-use categorical fashion.


These are either experiments, or just general ranting into a microphone for no apparent reason.

  • An introduction to audio blogging on this site:
  • Serbian Steak Story:
  • Chest Pain Waffling:
  • The Amsterdam Bicycle Ride of Doom:
  • Seb Receives An Award:
  • On gluttony, and being Jewish

Who Killed Montgomery Billingham?

  • Chapter 1:

The Penis Monologues

  • #1, The Cowboy:
  • #2, The Scottish:
  • #3, The Irish Priest:
  • #4, The Russian:
  • #5, The Australian: 

Other Stories

  • The beginnings of Little Hope, a wild west story:

Other People’s Work

  • Two poems written by Floreta — Circle Jerk and Paragraph & Poem —