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More photos from the weekend! Sorry it’s a bit late in the day now, but hopefully a few of you will get a chance to see these! These are a little cuter than the last, mainly because there’s an adorable girl in pink involved. I love the light in the two darker at-dusk photos too — and this is my favourite ‘kid with balloons’ photo. Tomorrow… a photographic TMI… (it’s an experiment!)

A collection of photos from a birthday party this weekend. We descended upon the vaulted ceilings and croquet lawns of a large country house. We frolicked, drank tea and ate cake. And when the sun started doing down… well… that’s when things started to get crazy. Note: you can click each photo to visit my Flickr stream. There are further details there, and some funny annotations. More to follow… more balloons, and a cute little girl.

Balloon comedian & It’s all about the cake, or how Sebastian found Abi Seb: I should probably preface this by saying he is a member of my family. I don’t¬†actually go around taking photos of little boys, asking them to tie balloons to their ears — that was all his idea. I just pointed the camera in the right direction (which just so happens to be the most important thing with photography, by the way). I got a new lens…