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Variety is the spice of life. A phrase used all too often by parents and grandparents, normally when something doesn’t go quite right. ‘Ah well, you didn’t get the girl and you ended up with a bruised knee, eye and chin AND a rash on your ass BUT… you know, variety is the spice of life!!!’ (Old people always talk with multiple exclamations, especially in emails…) What the phrase really means is that doing things differently is the key to…

(I submit this report to you, loyal reader, while I am still at the LAN. I may yet not make it back home — 2 a hour drive separates me from my usual abode. A 2 hour drive in a car full of dribbling and slavering sleep-deprived goons. Hopefully, service will continue as normal tomorrow!)

(This is Seb’s friend, Daniel, writing this introduction. ‘Dr Sebbykinspoopoo’, as he insists on being called now, has seemingly… left the building. I took the liberty of posting his report — it seems complete, but being just a mere gamer, and not medically trained, it might not be accurate. I hope Seb will be better tomorrow, to finish his report… I will let you know.)

(This is the continuing report of my cousin’s LAN party experience. It is now day 2, and things have started to… slide. This report has been recorded as accurately as humanly possible, though some ‘seepage’ is inevitable. This report is being kept in the hope of one day better understanding the ‘LAN Party Phenomena’ — I hope to draw up some suitable conclusions after the LAN… but 2 days still remain… will my cousin — or I – make it?)

Just a small introduction to the doctor that’s performing this strict, empirical analysis on his cousin through the 4 days of LAN party. I’d write more, but I need to play in a tournament… Meanwhile, enjoy my… anime hair… I knew that late-night shower was a bad idea. The day 2 report is coming soon… ish!

(This is an accurate report detailing the mental faculties, observed behaviour of my cousin as he experiences the rigours of a 4-day LAN party. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report… day 2 is when things usually start to get… interesting)