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We rarely get sunsets worth mentioning in Sussex — our atmospheric conditions are mediocre at best. However, with a little bit of fun (HDR), I created a landscape that has an awful lot to look at  — the tree in the foreground, the line of trees in the background, the details of the grass. And of course, quite a spectacular sunset! This is a post for Skywatch Friday.

After a pretty feeble haul of Christmas presents (really, a Shiatsu massage machine?) I felt compelled to bolster my horde of gadgets… by buying a new camera! I agonised over whether I should buy a Canon 5D Mk II — a beast of a camera — or save £1500 and buy the 450D. It didn’t help that the mid-range option (the 50D) was thoroughly lackluster and had almost no features that I might require. A higher shooting speed (6fps), hooray…

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